Community Partners

Haggen Food & Pharmacy

Haggen Food and Pharmacy has been an incredible community partner to the D.I.S.H. Foundation! Not only have they generously Sponsored three episodes of our #GetDISHed cooking show but they also are our Food Sponsor for season 1 of #GetDISHed!! Our contestants took a trip to Barkley Haggen to purchase their ingredients! We are incredibly grateful for their support and sponsorship. They truly recognize the improtance of our vision and we are so happy to have them as a community partner! Check out episode 1 and 2 to see their very own Pilar Hari as a special guest judge!

First Federal

First Federal of Bellingham has been a tremendous supporter of the #GetDISHed™ program and our foundation.   They are a local community-dedicated bank here in Bellingham who we’ve absolutely enjoyed partnering with!  You’re always welcome with a warm smile and hello when you stop in at their locations!  Thank you #MyFirstFed for your support and sponsorship of Episode #4 of GetDISHed™!

IAJ Media

Our Media Sponsor, IAJ Media specializes in video production! It’s amazing to sit back and watch them work! We are so grateful to have such an amazingly talented professional production company that took our founders dream and helped make it a reality! They are a local creative marketing and advertising company with roots in video production. To learn more about IAJ Media, visit them at https://www.iajmedia.com/ , call them at (360) 339-8104 or email them at info@iajmedia.com.

The Building Industry Association of Whatcom County (BIAWC) is a name you might already be familiar with. The BIAWC puts on the Home and Garden Show each year and does a fantastic job! Our founder, Suzanne is on their golf committee. When she shared her idea about #GetDISHed and explained she was looking for a venue, the BIAWC stepped up and let us use their banquet area and kitchen! Thank you BIAWC for your support, encouragement and allowing us to use your venue

Thousand Acre Cider House has been an incredible supporter of the D.I.S.H. Foundation from the very beginning! Thousand Acre Cider House hosted our first fundraiser in February 2020 and has since supported us by offering D.I.S.H. Foundation & Our Kitchen menu items in their establishment for sale as well as shout outs via social media. We thought it would only be fitting to have Jenny Hagemann owner of Thousand Acre Cider be a guest judge for episode two Christmas Cookie Creations! Thank you Thousand Acre Cider House for your incredible support, encouragement, and simply being an amazing community member! Check out their tasty "to go" adult bevies at https://www.thousandacreciderhouse.com/.