Cooking Show


A filmed and edited cooking show with a Host that will showcase the abilities of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Each episode will have three contestants with IDD who will follow a recipe, but will be given the opportunity to add to it and make it their own. Each contestant will have a Support Partner (think Unified Sports!) to assist as needed. The process will be timed and at the end a panel of judges will test the final product. There will be three awards presented: Best Presentation | Best Use of Flavors | Most Creative. Our panel of judges will include guest judges and various community members. Top tier sponsors will have the opportunity to be a guest judge! All food handling & health safety protocols will be in place.


The D.I.S.H. Foundation's mission is to employ and educate individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This show will give these individuals an opportunity to learn and refine cooking skills in a supportive and fun environment while also giving the community an opportunity to see firsthand how talented and amazing these individuals are!


This amazing show will provide feel good entertainment in a time when many are spending more time at home and looking for the good in our community and society. It will also provide an opportunity for much needed human interaction during a time when our most vulnerable are feeling isolated. We would love to have you join us in this adventure!

How You Can Help:

-Sponsorship: Would you like to make a difference and be part of something amazing for our community? This incredible opportunity has already made a huge difference in our contestants lives. To keep this going, we rely on our generous & supportive community members to help make this dream a reality for individuals with IDD. Will you help us

-Volunteers: Are you interested in helping behind the scenes? Interested in being a Support Partner? Clean-up crew? Set-up Crew? Admin help? We'd love to have you! Contact suzanne@dishfoundation.net or at 360-303-3098.

-CONTESTANTS! - If you or you know someone who would like to be a contestant, fill-out the Contestant Form above, email suzanne@dishfoundation.net, or call Suzanne at 360-303-3098.

-Donate Supplies/Tools - Would you like to donate cooking tools, aprons, or another product to benefit our show? Contact suzanne@dishfoundation.net or at 360-303-3098.

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