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Foundation's Mission?

The D.I.S.H Foundation’s mission is to employ people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Our vision is to provide an opportunity for employees to have a stable and fulfilling job that not only teaches the skills they can use in the workforce, but provide dignity, independence, a sense of purpose, and hope (D.I.S.H.).

Why is this mission so important?

Once an individual with IDD ages out of school, there are not many opportunities for them to find work or live independently. Many of these individuals are completely capable and skilled, they simply need it structured differently. That’s where the D.I.S.H Foundation comes in! The D.I.S.H. Foundation aims to provide training, education and other job skills to help these individuals find meaningful work. And by providing these individuals with a job, it not only provides them independence but it gives them a sense of purpose, dignity, and a sense of belonging. They are no longer defined by their challenges and limitations, but are recognized for their abilities and efforts - which is something we all strive for! Something as simple as an opportunity like this gives hope not only to the individual, but to their family, and to our community as well.

How did this all start?

The D.I.S.H Foundation was initially registered in October 2019 but the idea started much earlier. One morning back in 2017, Suzanne (our Board President) and her son, Kaden, were cooking breakfast. She was showing him how to cook eggs, make the pancake batter and pour it in the pan. Kaden had been showing an interest in being able to make his own meals. He would wake before the rest of the family on the weekends to make breakfast, but his parents wanted to make sure he could prepare a meal safely first. As they were cooking Kaden turned to his mom and said, “Mom? Can I do this?” She said, “You mean, when you’re older, as a job?” and Kaden replied, “YES! I want to cook!” He was so excited at the notion of being a chef, he was jumping up and down in the kitchen and couldn’t contain his excitement. Suzanne, previously owning a café, knew that margins are thin at cafes and its quite fast paced. She began to brainstorm how she could help make this a possibility for Kaden and who she could talk to about giving him a job. The reality is, it is quite difficult for individuals with IDD to find employment. The more she thought about it, the stronger this idea became until she knew it was the answer. She would start a café and a foundation to employ Kaden - and others like him with different abilities. And so, the D.I.S.H Foundation was born!

What is the vision of the D.I.S.H. Foundation?

Our vision is to provide an opportunity for employees to have a stable and fulfilling job that not only teaches the skills they can use in the workforce, but provide dignity, independence, a sense of purpose, and hope (D.I.S.H.).to support. In order to do that, we offer a variety of services to help those individuals gain independence and learn necessary job skills to experience success not only in the workforce but also within the community. Our services range from Respite, Basic Cooking Classes, Vocational Training Education & On The Job Training, to Navigating

the Community Programs and Specialized Habitation. In the Spring of ’22 we negotiated space and a shipping container from the Port for spot in the Container Village, aka The Portal. We partner with Our Kitchen to open a café which provides employment opportunities for individuals with IDD.

Our programs and the wages for individuals with IDD are supported mostly be the communities generous donations. We invite you to be part of the change and help make a difference in our community by donating, contributing and volunteering.  Your donation will not only help us employ these individuals but it will also allow us to provide cooking classes and other educational experiences that will lead to solid job skills. Click here to visit our donate page, or click here to see how you can help!

How can I stay connected with the Foundation?

We would love to keep you updated with our progress. Please sign up for our newsletter to stay up today on classes, advancement, fundraisers and progress of the D.I.S.H Foundation! Click here to sign up!

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