D.I.S.H. Foundation

Dignity – Independence – Sense of Purpose – Hope

DISH, Coming to a Container Near You!

The DISH Foundation will be partnering with Our Kitchen who will operate a coffee shop with baked goods at Bellingham’s Waterfront Container Village! 

Now Offering In-Person Cooking Classes!

These classes are for youth to adult with or without IDD! During the class, we lean about cooking utensils, ingredients, how to combine them to make a finished product in a fun, supportive and encouraging environment.

Specialized Habilitation Program

EXCITING NEWS!! We are SO excited to announce a new service for individuals with IDD! It’s called Specialized Habilitation! Now accepting new clients and hiring Specialized Habilitation Coaches!

Our Mission

To employ persons with intellectual & developmental disabilities (IDD).

Our Vision

Provide an opportunity for employees to have a stable and fulfilling job that not only teaches the skills they can use in the workforce, but provide dignity, independence, a sense of purpose, and hope (D.I.S.H.).

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